Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.

Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.


There's always a risk associated with jobs that require visiting strangers' homes. You never quite know what, or rather whom, you're going to get. Here, delivery men and women share the weirdest experience they've ever had while on the job.



2. I was delivering several pizzas to a house which came to a total of about $36. I walk up to the house knock on the door and a little kid answers the door. He hands me $40 takes the pizzas and closes the door. I stood there for a moment and just figured they were giving me the rest as a tip and the parents were too lazy to get off the couch.

I'm almost back at my car and I hear, "HEY PIZZA GUY GET BACK HERE!" I turn around and see a lady at the door in a towel. I walk back and she begins ranting about how I was trying to steal money from her kid! I explain to her that I just thought they were giving me the money as a tip, and if that was an issue, they can have it back. I gave her the $4 back and after talking a bit more, she ended up giving me $2 as a tip. Not that great, but better than having a ticked off customer. Thinking all was cool, I headed back to the shop.

When I get back at the shop, my friend who was managing the shop was on the phone looking a bit upset. He gets off the phone and explains that was the customer yelling at him about my behavior. I explain what happened.

Fast forward 20 minutes, and I have another order to take and I am putting more pizzas in my car. I go to leave but there is this big pickup truck in the way. I go to the driver and ask if they could move since I have pizzas to deliver. The driver responds, "Why so you could rip more people off!!??" I look closer and it's the lady and her boyfriend! I go back into the shop and tell my buddy what's going on.

My friend being the hilarious guy he is, grabs paper and a pen, and walks outside. He very obviously writes down the guy's license plate, and heads back inside. Then proceeds to call the cops.

Shortly after that they took off. They tried to follow me most of the night, but found with me in my little sporty pizza mobile and they in their oversized truck.


3. Posting for my dad, who is a mailman. Not exactly something that happened because of a weird recipient, but definitely an interesting situation. Dad's delivering the mail, a guy walks up to him and says, "Hey, my dog's missing. He's a big white dog, very friendly, have you seen him?"

Dad says he hasn't but will keep an eye out.

A few neighborhoods later this happy-go-lucky white dog comes bumbling up to the mail truck. Dad gives him a pat on the head and opens up the back of the truck for the dog, who immediately leaps in. Thinking he's about to make this guy's day, he rushes back to the original neighborhood, finds the guy with the missing dog and tells him the good news. He opens up the back of the truck only for the guy to give him a weird look and say, "Um...that's not my dog."

That's when dad realizes that the neighborhood he took the dog from had a bunch of kids playing around in it, in the general direction the dog came from.


4. I used to deliver pizza. Every week we'd get an order from this lady that appeared to be living at a motel in the area. No matter what the weather was like she would always open the door wearing long sleeves, sweater, long pants and white cotton gloves. Apparently I was the only delivery guy that was nice to her though so she would start calling and asking if I was working that night and if I wasn’t she wouldn’t order. She would only order if she knew that I was going to be the one to deliver her pizza.


5. Attempted to deliver a pizza back in my delivery days to a guy who thought it'd be funny to scream, "GO AWAY!! I'VE GOT A GUN!!" after I rang the doorbell. So, I sprinted back to my car and left rivets in his gravel driveway while speeding out.

He proceeded to call the store and complain that I'd left. I told the GM what happened and she called the guy back and told him that he would not be allowed to ever order pizza again. On the bright side, I got free pizza that day.


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