Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.

Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.


11. On the receiving end of a pizza delivery...

After about 45 minutes of waiting for my pizza, I almost call the place when my doorbell rings. I open the door to a young man in his 20's who looks kind of sweaty and nervous. I take the pizza and give him a $20 it was like a $16 pizza. He tells me he has no change, I tell him keep it. He leaves quickly. Lots of deliveries I figure.

My family starts eating the pizza when the phone rings. It's the pizza place apologizing for the slow service and promises my pizza will be here in 15 minutes.

I let them know I just got my pizza, it's all good. Then they tell me that their driver was robbed of his money and pizzas. The robber had delivered the pizza to me.


12. I used to deliver pizzas in a very wealthy area of Dallas.

One delivery was for 5 large pizzas to a this really nice house. I walked in the kitchen and set the pizzas on the table. When I looked around I noticed there were a lot of older men and women dressed up, drinking, and there was kind of a strange vibe -- it felt like a swingers party.

As I left, the host asked me what time I got off work, which was around 8pm, then asked if I would come back and strip for $200.

I said no.


13. The best delivery I ever had was to a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs when I was in school. They'd ordered over $80 of our most random menu items - desserts, appetizers, pastas. No pizza however. Anyway I get there expecting a huge party and it was just two stoned guys and a dog. They were so happy to see me and gave me the biggest tip I ever got!


14. I delivered pizza for a few months when I was in college. It was a little town about 15 minutes from my university. I got a delivery one day to this old house that had been turned into apartments. I go to knock on the door and it is covered in weird signs (biohazard, no trespassing, caution, etc...). The guy answers the door and he is about 50 years old with long, messy, grey hair, wearing only a lab coat and the only light on in the apartment is a strobe light.

Guy: "Who are you?"

Me: "I'm here to deliver your food"

Guy: "Why should I believe that?"

Me: (confused) "Um, I'm holding it right here?"

Guy: "Fine, take your money. You should get out of here though, this place will be crawling with feds any minute."

I got the heck out of there.


15. I work at Domino's and had a delivery to a house that was in one of the rich neighborhoods. I pull up to the house, drive down a long-ass driveway, and when I finally get to the door, I see an envelope taped to it. There is nothing written on it except "Domino's" on one side, and "leave on doorstep" on the other. Inside is enough money to cover the pizza and a $10 tip. I look around kind of awkwardly, before setting the pizzas on the doormat, and putting the money in my pocket.

While I'm walking back to my car, I turn back around to look at the house, and lo and behold, the pizzas are no longer on the doormat. I didn't hear a door, and it hadn't been but 4 or 5 seconds since I had turned around. I also notice as I was getting back in my car, that there were cameras all around the perimeter of the house on the walls, painted the same color as the house to blend in. I drove away and not a single care was given.


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