Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.

Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.


16. As a driver for Domino's years ago, a customer asked if I would throw this bag of fish guts in the dumpster on my way out. I looked at him like seriously? and said I'd do it for three bucks.

He balked at my offer and then I reminded him that I'm the pizza delivery guy, not the garbage man. He gave me the three bucks and the bag. I disposed of the bag as requested and was three dollars closer to being super rich.


17. When I was a young college student, I needed money all the time. I lived in a crappy apartment above a pizza shop. The owner asked if I'd like a second job, occasionally delivering pizza when they needed someone. Convenient, because I live upstairs.

He said, "Do not ever, EVER open the box of pizza, do you understand?" Young and stupid me figured it was because the pizza would get cold. I'd get mad good tips.

That's because a couple of years later the guy got busted and it turned out I'd been delivery drugs via these pizzas.


18. So I'm in the store taking pizzas out of the oven. We get a call for a $30+ order, which is a decent size order as our large pizzas were only $5. I load up my car with their food and head over to the address.

I'm driving up the street and I can see a bunch of cars parked on either side of the street. I see some Ford Rangers and Camaro so I'm thinking that it's just some kids throwing a party.

I head up to the door, knock and am greeted by a 30-something female. Odd. Maybe the chaperone? Then another one comes along to help with the food. Then a third woman with something draped over her shoulder appears.



Massive dildo.

They invite me to step inside (it was winter in Michigan), so I oblige, and am greeted by about fifteen women (all in their 30's or 40's) crammed in a living room. I took a picture with a couple of them for giggles then went on my way.

So it turns out that I went to a sex toy version of a Tupperware party.


19. Delivered a stove and refrigerator to a house with about 25 cats and not a litter box in sight. The smell was horrible. It was the only house that, in the 4 years of working there, we ever told our boss that we refuse to ever go there again.


20. I delivered pizzas this past summer for a national pizza company. On my first closing shift, I had a $115 order I had to deliver at 1 in the morning. They were paying with cash and lived in the bad part of the town next to mine.

So I was either about to get pranked or get robbed. Either way I wasn't too excited. I got to the house and these four big guys were outside. I grabbed some of the pizzas and they led me inside. They were having a rager. People were dancing all over the place, lights were going crazy. Stuff like that. They tipped me $15 and gave me two beers for after work.


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