Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.

Delivery Men And Women Share The Weirdest Experience They've Ever Had While On The Job.


21. I had to deliver and set up a fish tank for a rich dude when I was in school.

It was winter, and the house (giant) was down a hill.

I slid the delivery truck down the hill and smashed it into his garage. I was freaking out.

He was like, "Don't worry about it," as I was looking at his smashed garage.


22. I delivered pizzas for a spell in a rough part of town and getting food stolen out of our cars was a constant problem. You would go to the door of a house and when you got back to your car the pizzas would be gone and the hot bags would be strewn all over the street.

A buddy of mine came up with a great idea to combat this problem. He got a bucket of wings and put them in his trunk. He let them putrefy there for three or four weeks and then left them in the back seat of his car while he was working. Sure as heck and it didn't take long, someone lifted the decaying wings and presumably ate them. I just wish I knew the ending of this story.


23. I used to work for a delivery service in IL. I had a package to deliver that took me to this really rich neighborhood. I parked on the street, and had to walk a good five minutes to get to this guys house since we weren't allowed to park in driveways.

I finally get to the door and deliver the package and the conversation went like this:

Guy: Hey, thanks for the package.

Me: No problem, have a nice day!

Guy: Are you allowed to receive tips?

Me: I am allowed, but it's not necessary.

Guy: I insist, let me get my wallet.

Me: Ok sir, well I really appreciate it.

Guy: You see, I own all the McDonalds around here, do you like McDonalds?

Me: Uh, sure I do.

Guy: Alright, here you go (hands me a $1.00 off coupon on a flurry).

Me: ...thanks.


24. I once delivered to a drunk, pantsless girl who was so excited to see me bringing the pizza to the door that she fell off her porch into the bushes, threw up in them, then got up and paid for the pizza like it was no big thing.


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