Divorce Lawyers Share The Most Common Traits That Couples Say Are Unique To Them.

Divorce Lawyers Share The Most Common Traits That Couples Say Are Unique To Them.


While every divorce is unique to itself, there's a lot of common ground between them all.

Below are common points that divorce lawyers who share the most common things that most couples think are unique to them.

1. Paralegal here. When cheating is involved, the client will often bring in mountains of photographs, text message printouts, bank statements showing where cash was withdrawn, etc. They neeeeeed me to understand how awful this is and they want me to go stakeout their soon to be cheating ex. Cheating is insanely common.

My standard reply is always: "Yes, I understand. Yes, I have seen hundreds of pictures and thousands of text messages. Yes, he/she is terrible for doing this to you...". This is always met with, "But you don't understand, this is the worst thing that has ever happened."

Trust me. I understand. You are coming to see me on your worst day ever. I will be sure that the attorney understands your file inside and out, but you aren't going to shock us, and I am not Facebook stalking your soon to be ex. Well, I might, just for fun, but I won't go on a stakeout with you.


2. I met a divorce lawyer in India and you know what's unique for a divorce lawyer in India? Divorce! The profession didn't really exist until about fifteen years ago, and even now it's very difficult convincing people that they really do need a divorce because it's so shameful in the culture.


3. My mom's a divorce lawyer and I asked her, and she said that most people who she works with seem to think they are unique with "how much of an jerk their ex is"


4. Twenty six years in law practice and 15 of those doing domestic relations cases and now I finally get to say with authority: They think their spouse is the worst ever and that their divorce is the most difficult ever. My most common answer to their on and on rants came to be: "This is costing you about $5 a minute and we can make better use of my time. Besides, you're the one who married him."


5. Not so much about what do my clients think is unique, but something I've noticed: Only the rarest of the rare client can understand how they are super illogical when it comes to their divorce.

Divorce isn't rocket surgery, but almost everyone tries to make it that way.


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