Dumbfounded People Answer: 'What's The Biggest Waste Of Money You've Ever Seen Being Spent?'

Dumbfounded People Answer: 'What's The Biggest Waste Of Money You've Ever Seen Being Spent?'


People on Reddit were asked: "What is the biggest waste of money that you've ever witnessed being spent?" These are some of the best answers.

2/36 I used to work at a place that did FedEx. One day, a woman comes in with a Costco size case of Kraft Dinner. She wanted to ship it overnight to France because her grandchildren wanted KD but they didn't have any in France.

So I look up the cost for her... and inform her it comes to ~$2800. She just shrugged and said sure.

I informed her it would probably be cheaper to catch a red eye to France and cook it for them herself, and she shrugged again and said "But I have plans for supper tomorrow."


3/36 I watched my buddy blow about $500 dollars at a strip club one night. The saddest part was, he thought the dancer was really into him.


4/36 My ex-girlfriend had an obsession with phone psychics. Not all at once, but over the course of a single year she spent over $15k getting 'life advice' from multiple psychic lines.

No one in her circle of family or friends could convince her to stop. I haven't spoken with her in a few years but I wouldn't be surprised if she's still wasting her money on them.


5/36 My former boss was putting in a backyard patio. She and her husband went to Home Depot in their Jaguar to buy some bricks for the patio. While there, they realized they didn't want to bring the bricks home in their Jag. They walked across the street to to a Toyota dealer and bought an FJ Cruiser so they could bring their bricks home. They had no intention or need to buy a car. Oh, yeah, they put the entire vehicle purchase on a credit card...and they kept the vehicle...


6/36 As an IT guy, it boggles my mind how many hundreds of thousands of dollars companies will shell out for software that clearly overlaps with something they already own but aren't utilizing, only to turn around shelve the software for years without even using it to its full potential.


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