Embarrassed People Share Their Biggest 'Cringe Moments' That Still Keep Them Up At Night.

Embarrassed People Share Their Biggest 'Cringe Moments' That Still Keep Them Up At Night.


We all have memories of things we'd rather forget. We all have events that keep us up at night. Not all of us will post them online...

Many thanks to brave souls for sharing.

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1. Wow... I have no words for this...

Here's one thing I hate about grocery store lines: they're all separate. I would much prefer that everyone wait in a single line and move to the next available cashier, like in customs.

Because we all know how much we hate waiting in line and seeing everyone around us go much, much quicker.

Well, I was having a particularly bad day, and I chose a particularly slow line in the grocery store. Ridiculously slow. Lines twice as long were sailing through, and I wasn't moving at all.

And then I realized the problem. The cashier was taking his sweet time, swiping groceries through one at a time, using only one hand. He didn't care. Some teenager with a scowl on his face, probably forced to work there by his parents.

Finally I'd had enough. I snapped. "This line is huge! Things would go a lot quicker if you used two hands."

The two people in front of me turned and stared with looks of horror and disgust, and finally, the cashier, with a totally blank look on his face, turned toward me as well.

His left arm had been amputated at the shoulder.


2. That's one heck of a trip.

I went camping with some friends once and we ate some shrooms. At one point I had to go to the bathroom so I went to find the bathroom on the camp ground, did my business, and went back to our campsite.

I grabbed a beer from the cooler and it was Bud Light and I thought that was weird because I don't drink Bud Light and neither do any of my friends, but I just wanted something cold in my mouth so I didn't care.

I sat down at the fire and started drinking my beer and I realized everybody had gone quiet and was staring at me. First I was like "Why aren't you guys talking? Did I fart?" then "Why are you staring at me like that??" then it clicked...


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