Employees Share The Most Bizarre 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This' Stories.

Employees Share The Most Bizarre 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This' Stories.


From a man searching for his dagger at a wedding reception, to a call centre randomly calling NASA, 23 employees share the most bizarre events they witnessed on their job.

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1. Worked in a Natural History museum in the gift shop. Our second floor was prehistoric life and as such full of dinosaurs. Family with two elementary school aged kids comes into the gift shop and I ask if they enjoyed the dinosaurs, because seriously you are 8 you came to see dinosaurs. The mother of the family tells me that they don't believe in dinosaurs and brought their children to see the museum to prove to them that fossils are a lie. I've yet to wrap my head around this learning opportunity.


2. I was a mechanic for 10 years. I did a complimentary oil change for a customer and was later informed I was being sued because " changing the oil caused the front main, rear main and oil pan gasket to leak.” I tried to save them the embarrassment of taking it to court because I had records of it leaking prior to this, as well as multiple reminders and quotes to get it fixed. The judge laughed it out of the courtroom. I've never seen anyone try so hard and fail so miserably.


3. I was working at a frozen yogurt store, a store that typically parents come in with their young children, and sure enough an all-black biker gang of 30 comes in and gets frozen yogurt. Incredibly nice people, it was a fun time.


4. I was a bartender/manager for a dozen years. Normally when someone comes up to a bar and says "I have a strange question..." it's something really banal, like "What's the song that just played?" Or "Can I have a couple of straws?"

So, we're hosting a wedding reception and a Scottish guy comes up to the bar. "I've got a weird question..."

Yeah, go ahead, shoot.

"...has anyone handed in a dagger? I've lost one..."

Turns out the dagger was a ceremonial one that was a part of his kilt, but I felt a complete mixture of "Hey! That IS an unusual question!" and "Oh, this wedding is about to be on the local news..."

(He found it in the end. Mercifully, not in anybody.)


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