Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.

Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.


Employees of Reddit were asked: "What 'out there' accusation has an employee or supervisor made about you?" These are some of the best answers.

2. I was a counsellor at a teen summer camp where the campground was shared by different camps. A 14 year old girl from the ballet camp flashed the boys at our camp (much cheering was had by them). I reported it to our director, and he accused me of making it up because "ballerinas aren't [promiscious]."

It wasn't until one of the 15 year old boys was bragging about seeing boobs to a boy who wasn't there within earshot of the director that he believed me.


3. I had an employer of mine write me up for stealing trash. In reality, at the end of my shift, one of my duties was to gather all the trash. Often times, I would pick through the trash and sort all the paper, pop cans, and water bottles in our company's recycle bin. We had a special promotion with our trash company in which our company would get money based on the number of pounds we recycled. It ended up being $1500 per month AND we didn't pay our trash bill.

So long story short, I got a final write up for stealing company time for sorting our recyclables. So I stopped, the following month, our manager was pissed that she had to pay a trash bill. She called the trash company and the company told her that the past 2 years she didn't pay for trash because our company would recycle so much, we would get a $1500 check AND free trash service.

My boss thought that the checks were a bonus for her. Anyhow, the district manager was reviewing the write ups and saw I got written up for stealing trash, so he called me up and asked me what was going on. I told him the story about the trash company and their promotion. He congratulated me for a job well done.

The next day he flew in to talk to my manager. He asked my manager what happened to the $20,000 that she got from the trash company. Apparently, she tried to pin it back on me, and our district manager promptly fired her. After escorting her out, he called me into the office. He told me what happened in that meeting, and offered me a promotion to Assistant Manager.


4. Several years ago, I was working for a sporting good store as the customer service desk guy. Mostly what I did was returns and some special stuff with Ticketmaster and hunting/fishing licenses. While it wasn't a glamorous job, I liked it because I'm an outdoors guy, and so the cliental were fun to talk to. One day, we were informed we were getting a new general manager, as the old one (decent guy, but distant) was being transferred. The new manager was a raving harpy. She enjoyed making employees upset, didn't give a [crap] about our customers, did nothing to improve anything about the store, and kept the other managers in her office with endless meetings about "improving" the store. After a few months of this, and seeing some of the high school girls hired to work in shoes crying after her ranting at them, I had enough. I wrote a rather eloquent letter to corporate about her behavior and actions, and had several employees sign it. Two days later, several regional higher-ups arrived, and proceeded to chew her out big time. She was suspended for two weeks, and told that if the store didn't improve within the next quarter, she'd be fired.

But that's just the beginning of the story, dear reader. I thought I had won. But no, I had not. Apparently, she found out it was me who wrote the letter (probably got told by one of the other employees, I'm not sure) and wanted revenge. So she got into the computer system, and started to fake records showing I had been selling gift cards to myself, pocketing the cash difference, and then buying merchandise with those cards (mostly candy/pop/small stuff, which she was probably pocketing since our counts weren't ever off)

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