Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.

Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.


War. I went in all guns blazing with this back-up and a letter from my third-cousin (She works in law) that basically he gives me the cash or he’s [screwed]. This is after a long drawn out “You give me the cash and this goes no further ultimatum from me” AFTER I’ve started work at my new place making nice dosh… it’s the principle. He avoids it and thinks I’ve got nothing until I give him this letter from my cousin. He hands me £750 out of the secure safe… Yep, the money had been going walk about somewhere and into someone’s pocket … but it certainly wasn’t mine. It was his. I made sure that he gave me the cash in the store-room with my back to the camera in there. Said thank you and was on my merry way home… but a quick call to HR made sure they’d view that footage just now…

Two months later I pop in as I need some beers for a party and my old assistant manager pulls me to the side to have a quiet word. Turns out the manager had stolen £28K worth of goods and money from the company. He got taken to court, prosecuted and lost everything. Funny thing is two years later where I’m working his name comes up on the unemployment benefit register over here and I sit there with a smug grin knowing that [jerk] got caught and lost everything all because of his lack of integrity.


13. A year after I started working for a company as a graphic designer (turned out I was also the marketing and web design departments as well) my wife got pregnant with our first child. This was an office filled mostly with middle aged women (I was in my mid-late twenties) and they were all excited, even threw us a baby shower.

All goes well and my son is born and I take 2 weeks vacation time to be with my wife and child (2 weeks I had saved up). I come back and my boss is suddenly very aloof and non-communicative with me where previously she and I were pretty close.

This goes on for several months until I learn budget cuts have eliminated my position effective in 6 months from the time I found out. Through my co-workers I found out that my boss was pissed I had a baby and that I "wasn't dedicated to the cause". She was also at the budget meeting and initially there were no cuts to our division but she threw me under the bus saying my work was non-essential.

So here I am with a young family and staring down the barrel of unemployment. Turns out though that another company had been following my work and were eager to sign me on. Needless to say I didn't do [anything] for the next 6 months and am now happy at my current position and making more moolah to boot. Their company is now in the [tank] and I poached one of their biggest clients on the way out.


14. I'm on a diet that requires me to drink a metric ton of water so I carry around a 1L Nalgine bottle at all times.

I'm a mid-level manager at a 60 person company. At the end of the work day, on my way out I pass the water cooler and fill my bottle up for the commute home. Yesterday I was doing just that when our office manager walked up and said the following: "You're leaving for the day, water is for employee's to drink when they are working in the office only" I laughed it off, finished filling my bottle and headed home.

I thought she was kidding, or at the very worst having a [bad] day and lashing out, she wasn't. Today I get into the office with an email from her to myself, my boss (our CEO/founder), and our HR person saying that I am stealing from the company, that I didn't stop filling my water bottle and immediately apologize when confronted, and that she is officially reporting this behavior and asking to have it documented.

Needless to say we all had a pretty good laugh about it, my boss called me in hysterics and could barely form a sentence he was laughing so hard, and someone wrote "Is proper hydration good for the company?" on my water bottle. Our office manager, however is just walking by my office and glaring this morning.


15. I was accused of "bringing down" my entire department of 40+ people for what the folks in charge consider "excessive internet usage." Let me explain.

My company is very strict as to what sites you can and cannot visit on the intranet (I actually just found out last week that Reddit is ok :). Anyway, apparently every time you go to a site that isn't considered work related the site you go to is logged as well as the amount of bandwidth it "wastes". Some other sites just get banned altogether and are usually sites that stream videos, porn, gambling, stuff like that. Up until last year I had a subscription to Sirius radio which included an internet subscription. So one day I tried to get on Sirius to see if it could be streamed and, to my surprise/delight, I could not only access the site, but also the radio feature. So for 2 weeks I was streaming Sirius non-stop during my 8 hour workday. Fast forward to the Monday after those two weeks are up and I get a phone call from the head of my department asking me to come into her office. I figured it can't be all that bad as she and I speak on an almost regular basis. So I try to log onto Sirius before I go to her office and it won't. In fact, I can't even access the site now. I didn't think anything of it until I went into my meeting. Apparently the company chief technology officer contacted the head of my department and told her that I myself was the NUMBER ONE "abuser" of non work-related internet usage for that particular month. Evidently I used 2.8gigs of bandwidth just from streaming music.

I was given a pretty serious pep talk and was told that my actions not only hurt myself but also the entire department is now suffering because of me. I was also told that my department is lucky to even still be existing after what I've done and that if she had her way in regards to the incident i'd never work here again. Thankfully all that happened was I was put on final warning (step 3 in the 3 step warning process before being canned) and that my non work related internet was blocked for a month. Well not one week later I found a job in a different department and that written warning went away. Needless to say my boss was furious.


16. I worked in retail as a cashier at a pet store for a long time, and occasionally when there was nothing going on I would just grab a couple tennis balls and juggle them to keep myself amused. I'm pretty good at it, can do 3 in all sorts of weird ways without looking at it or thinking about it so I converse with customers perfectly normally when I need to, and most of them find it funny (if I didnt think they would I'd stop before they even made it close to conversation range, and I'd done it long enough that I was a pretty good judge of that kind of thing).

Cue a day such as that, I'm bored and juggling while I watch the front door. Family comes in with little kids, they laugh at the juggling and come talk to me for a little while about reptiles (and juggling) while I try to teach one of their sons (5 or 6 years old) how to juggle because he asked me to. Good times were had by all, they walk off and do their shopping with their little son trying to juggle the mini tennis balls I gave him.

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