Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.

Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.


Immediately get called into the back by the assistant manager who (with another manager present as a witness I guess) decides he's going to rip me a new one for being disrespectful to the customers by juggling and not giving them my full attention. I respectfully (perhaps sarcastically, no promises) disagree, and when he looks to the other manager in the room to back him up you could just tell the guy was completely uninterested in getting involved, and he basically had nothing bad to say. Assistant manager continues to lay into me a bit more, says he's going to work with me on not being disrespectful like that and if it continued we'd have to have a talk about my employment, I leave.

Month later, new store manager gets hired, walks to the front with the assistant manager and sees me juggling. Assistant manager gets the look like he's about to rip me a new one, but the store manager laughs, compliments me on my juggling, goes and grabs his own tennis balls and starts juggling too. Ah man, the look on the assistant managers face...priceless.


17. I once used the phrase "more than one way to skin a cat" around a manager who had never heard the phrase. She called me into her office later to ask why I was saying such disgusting things, accused me of being a sicko who kills animals, and then threatened to fire me if she heard anything like it ever again.


18. I work in sales and my co-worker, who is quite paranoid, accused me of going in and making returns on his sales and the transferring the sales to my name... Which is complete [crap]. He was just trying to save face when he realized that most of his customers were actually returning their product because he had done a horrible job of getting them the right sizes, colors, etc... He was fired shortly afterward for incompetence.


19. I was told by the lady that I shouldn't wear jeans, meaning the "jeans" I was wearing. I was sporting brown khakis. I said as much, they were brown cotton, & total khaki construction = Not Jeans. She said that b/c other people had complained & said they were jeans, she had to say something to me.


20. I got accused of stealing a salad. I worked as a cashier at a grocery store while in high school. Because they had scheduled me 6 1/2 hours, I only qualified for a 15 minute break, not a 30 minute. So I spend the first 8 or so minutes of my break on the phone with a mechanic working out issues with my car. I then run back to the little cafe near the back of the store that has a salad bar and make a quick salad, which you weigh and price there. By this time I had about 5 minutes left on break, and the manager was very strict about not going over your 15 minutes.

So I stand at the cafe register for a good minute, and no one is to be found. I quickly eat my salad, and then take the sticker up to the front registers to pay for the $1.99 salad. I go back on the clock, and about 20 minutes later I am called into the office. They say a situation has occurred, but don't tell me what. They said they are sending me home for the day.

So I come back in the next day for my shift, and they call me into the office again. In the office is the store manager, the assistant manager, the office manager, the cafe manager, and my shift supervisor. Mind you I am a 16 year old kid at their first job who had never been in any sort of trouble. They accuse me of stealing the salad because "despite purchasing the salad, as our records do indicate, you consumed the salad before the purchase." I explained to them how the cashier at the cafe was nowhere to be found, and how if I wanted to eat during my break at that point, I would have had to eat it back in the cafe and then pay for it up front. They tell me to go home, and that they will contact me tomorrow regarding if I keep my job or not. I left in tears, but then got really angry at the severe overreaction, so I came back in an hour later and told them I quit.


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