Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.

Employees Share The Weirdest Things They've Been Accused Of Doing At Work.


21. I briefly worked at a cooking school, doing some admin work during the days and helping out with the classes in the evening. The owner was an old-fashioned stubborn old goat who refused to modernize in anyway (unimportant except for background on character). I was in working, on a bank holiday, so nobody was phoning in to book classes because everybody thought we were closed. So i'm sorting dishes and putting them away when my boss says, from across the room, that he's going out for lunch and that I could go home when I was finished. Great, I think, I'm bored out of my mind. I finish my stuff and go home.

I run into him on the stairs on the way out and cheerfully say that I'm finished everything and that I'm going home now. He looks vaguely puzzled and says ok.

The next morning I get a phone call where he asks me 'what happened yesterday?' I'm running through every phone call I made the day before wondering if there was some sort of a problem with a customer that I forgot to mention. I can't think of anything and ask what he means. He says 'why did you leave?' I reply it's because he said that I could go home when I was done my work. He says, no he didn't say that. I apologize for mishearing him.

And here's where it gets really, unbelievably stupid. He just keeps repeating over and over how he never said that and that I was making it up and that he had more work for me to do in the afternoon. He tells me to come into the office later.

I'm confused and pissed at this point because, has he never heard of a misunderstanding before? And if he had more work for me to do, why in the hell didn't he say anything when I ran into him in the stairway on the way out?

I get there and he says very somberly that he had thought about it and had to let me go because I was a liar and he couldn't have untrustworthy people working for him. I said that's fine because I didn't want to work for anyone so rigid, who couldn't fathom that his words could be misheard.

I couldn't even report him to the labour bureau or anything because I was working in the UK illegally.


22. I've been accused of stealing pens. Sadly, the pens I stole actually had my name on them (as a then recent high school graduate, I received multiple Cross pens with my name etched on them). However, according to the super-sleuth, this was likely due to me etching it on while in the office in an effort to steal the pens. Yay for management!


23. I had been working an IT job for about a year. This new guy starts, and on his second day he accuses me of stealing a flash drive off his desk. I tell him I haven't seen it, to which he replies "Well it didn't just walk off by itself now, did it?!" I pointed out that he had left our office without locking it or even shutting the door, which is against our security procedures that were outlined in his orientation that was just the day before. He complained to the CEO (smallish company, about 100 employees), and an hour later found the flash drive on the ground by his desk. He had knocked it off with his coffee mug.


24. I work in the stock room of a major retail store at a mall. I was accused of not properly putting clothes into our shelves and instead just throwing them on top the shelf. The person who reported me was an overnight worker. I don't work overnight. Needless to say, the accusation got turned over because it made no sense.



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