Ex-Convicts Share The Worst Thing That Happened To Them In Prison.

Ex-Convicts Share The Worst Thing That Happened To Them In Prison.


5/12. Eight months inside and one instance always sticks out in my mind. I was running out of phone minutes and spending what precious time I had left talking to my child. We didn't get to talk as much as I liked, had unfortunately more important people to talk to (lawyers, trying to find jobs for my release etc.)

This guy comes up "I need the phone."

"Hold on man, I only got a couple minutes left."

He takes the phone and slammed it into the payphone holster and abruptly hung up on my daughter. Still breaks my heart because I cherish every minute I can have with her.


6/12. The first day I was assigned to a new unit after being sentenced (DUI, 90 days) I got put in a 5 man cell. It wasn't my first time locked up and had been in the jail a few weeks so I wasn't too nervous. The guys were cool to me all evening, all 4 had done time before in much worse prisons. They were all playing cards and I didn't know the game so I sat on my bunk reading.

They started off saying weird cryptic stuff, random stuff regarding vaseline and who was cute on the block, etc. It ramps up over the course of an hour, then they start playing strip poker. Meanwhile I've been hearing every word they say and studiously ignoring it. They got bored of being subtle and began saying awful stuff about having sex with each other. I ignore everything, while secretly getting scared they're going to do something to me.

Eventually all 4 got up (shirtless) and they trapped me on my top bunk and started grabbing at me. I yelled and they collapsed in laughter and spent the next 48 hours telling everyone who'd listen.


7/12. My cellmate put jam in my shoes the morning of my release.

Oh and when I first got there they accidentally entered me into the system twice giving me two prisoner ID's only one of which worked and put all my money and post on the other oneā€¦ Didn't sort this out till I finished my sentence months later.


8/12. I did 3 1/2 years in Texas prisons. I believe that the worst story I can recall was my first full day in a "State Jail" facility (used as a transition center for up to 2 years before one is sent to a real "prison" in Texas). A guy came up to me asking if I smoke cigarettes. I didn't but thought, why not?


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