Ex-Convicts Share The Worst Thing That Happened To Them In Prison.

Ex-Convicts Share The Worst Thing That Happened To Them In Prison.


10/12. Almost a huge fight between 3 Vietnam Vets and a 25 year-old meth dealer because he switched from the History Channel to that week's new Breaking Bad during our precious tv time. That was my first time watching the show and he made the right call.


11/12. I was incarcerated for 9 years 1 month 4 days. I've seen many things. I just turned 30.

The worst I've seen was 2 guys on life sentences back in courts for retrial seeing a rival enemy in for DUI over the weekend. Guy didn't make it home.


12/12. This isn't something that happened to me, but it's something I observed while in. My life was uneventful in my time...which was only about 4 months, and only during nights because I had multiple releases.

Anyway, our jail was divided into sides and floors. The higher up you were, the worse of an offender you were. 1L was the floor with the men with releases or protective custody, 1R was women. Up through 5R and L which were serious, violent offenders.

1L was 12 individual cells (~5'x8') surrounded by a larger cage, one tv in the dead middle. Our floor got the new arrivals who mostly (myself included for the first 2 months) had to sleep on rubber mats on the floor.


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