Exasperated Cashiers Reveal The One Thing Customers Do That Annoys Them The Most.

Exasperated Cashiers Reveal The One Thing Customers Do That Annoys Them The Most.


Cashiers of Reddit were asked: "What's some annoying stuff customers do that just makes you go bananas inside?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Hahaha... so funny! (NOT)

"Oh the barcode isn't scanning properly? Guess it must be free! haha HA HA HAH!"


2. Lucky number 13

If you've ever worked at a gas station/convenience store where lottery is popular, lottery players and their idiotic superstitions holding up the line. The really hardcore ones will only play scratch-offs (which are numbered) with a prime number, or one that ends in 13, or some nonsense, and will make you read off every ticket's #. And for the numbers games some of them will just memorize their #s and list them off quickly for you to screw up-can't write their magic lucky #s down because then someone else will steal them!


3. Guess what? We're not the only restaurant in town!

I've been a cashier at two different fast food places. It's the worst when they complain about the prices. I don't make the prices and I can't give you a discount. Just leave if you don't want to eat here.


4. You can picture steam coming out of this cashier's ears

When grocery store shoppers arrive with 2-3 carts overflowing with food items and stand there asking "How much did that ring-up for?" as each and every item passes through.

Then, at the very end, they hand you piles of coupons, many of which have expired, or that are for items the customer did not buy. Meanwhile, everyone else standing in line behind them watches their ice cream melt as tempers rise...


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