Exasperated People Share Their Most Irrational Pet Peeve.

Exasperated People Share Their Most Irrational Pet Peeve.


People on Reddit were asked: "What's something that annoys you but shouldn't?" These are some of the best answers.

Keep it to yourself!

My sister being too straight with her opinions. We are adults, but visit our parents pretty often. My sis has no problem telling my mom she doesn't like the food my mom has made for us, carefully considering all my sister's preferences. I don't have that much money, but she still tells me that my presents for her suck. I do appreciate straight talk most of the time, but honestly, sometimes people should just say thank you and move on.


If only this were an Olympic sport

When I bend over to pick something up off of the floor and then immediately drop it. Bonus points if I repeat myself.


When the world is against you

When you try to overtake someone going 10mph slower than the rest of traffic, then they speed up right when you get next to them. I know what's happening is that they didn't realize they were going so slow until someone had to pass them, but it feels like a personal slight.


It's really not that hard

When people in movies don't say goodbye before hanging up the phone.


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