Fan Theories That Will Put Your Favourite Childhood Shows In A Way Darker Light

Fan Theories That Will Put Your Favourite Childhood Shows In A Way Darker Light


You might think your fondly remembered entertainment was just as innocent as you were, but just leave it to the internet to ruin that for you. With hidden links to way darker shows and overlooked details that can convince you that your favourite mascot was actually a serial killer.

Here are 21 of the most twisted fan theories that will totally ruin your childhood. Check out the sources at the bottom for even more!

1. Inspector Claw

In Inspector Gadget, the Inspector we know is actually the second Inspector, built as a completely-robotic replacement after the first was lost in action.

Upon returning from whatever disaster caused his bosses to give up on him he discovers this replacement living his life. He disavows everything he once knew and loved, even going so far as to take a new name... DOCTOR CLAW!


2. Finding closure.

In the beginning of Finding Nemo, the father imagines one son survived when in reality his whole family was destroyed.

The movie is an allegory of the father's journey through the stages of grief. Almost everyone in the story tells the father he has to "let go" of his son. His travels takes him to the Land Down Under (aka Underworld). The movie ends with him saying goodbye as his son visually disappears into the void. And the kicker? "Nemo" means "nobody" in Latin.


3. That's Smurfed up man

The Smurfs are a thinly veiled parable about white supremacy. All of the smurfs wear white hats that resembled KKK hoods, except for the Grand Wizard of the smurfs, Papa Smurf, who wears a red hood.


4. Scooby Dooby dodge.

Scooby Doo seems fairly innocent, unless you see it as taking place in the real world of America in 1969 (the year it debuted). How did four mismatched kids wind up living in their van while on an endless cross-country road trip? After all, the show never really bothered to tell us where they were driving all that time. (continued...)

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