Former Teachers Reveal What Made Them Quit.

Former Teachers Reveal What Made Them Quit.


Reading these answers really made me grateful for the wonderful teachers I had in my youth who worked incredibly hard to make learning fun. Thank a teacher if you get the chance!

This piece is based on an AskReddit thread.

1. Applebee's, here I come.

I once did the math to convert my yearly salary into an hourly wage based solely on the hours spent working (not subtracting all the money I spent to make my classroom workable). I didn't get into teaching for the money, but there's a certain frustration that hits when you realize I would have been better off working full time as a waiter.


2. This is a knife.

I had a 6-year old pull a knife on me while screaming, "I will kill you!” This was the culmination of a lot of various incidents with the same kid. What was most infuriating was the parents claiming they had the sweetest little boy and that we (the school) must be liars for saying otherwise. Eventually he was transferred to a special school after we filed a report on the various incidents.

I felt really bad for the kid because when he wasn't freaking out over something, he really would be sweet, asking a ton of questions and participating in the activities. But he was highly prone to sudden burst of rage.

The incident with the knife happened in an after school setting, where the kids go to play and have fun. Apparently another kid had done something he disliked so he was kicking and spitting on him when I pulled him away. He ran straight to the drawer and found a kitchen knife. Due to his size it was pretty easy to wrestle out of his hands though, so no harm done.

I guess dealing with lousy parents was what made me change my career.


3. Six weeks.

I worked in a high needs behavior class. I got hit, punched, scratched and spat on daily, but every day I went in and did my best for those kids. I was so battered and bruised that my husband wouldn't shop with me anymore because people would stare and sometimes even comment that he must be mistreating me. But I loved my job and every one of those kids.

One day, I was called to the office to talk. It was Christmas time and things weren't great at home. As anyone with kids knows, the holidays makes children especially high-strung so things were also wild in the classroom. My boss said, "You seem awfully stressed." I thought, how nice of her to notice.

 She said, "You have 6 weeks to sort it out or I'll have to let you go." (continued...)

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