Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.

Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.


Our sexual relationship started before I was really old enough to be sexually attracted to anyone, and since I was taught that women weren't supposed to really enjoy sex, I figured how I felt about him and sex was normal. Then when I did start feeling sexual attraction and pleasure, I assumed I was bi.

Then I left him, and quickly realized that as a adult I had 0 desire to be romantically involved with men. Yay lesbianism!


3/15. I'm a lesbian.

Dated a guy for about a year. Turns out we were both the other's beard, I came out as lesbian a few years later (at 16) and he came out during college.


4/15. I'm a gay man, but due to certain health issues stemming from childhood illness I'm functionally asexual. For us it's like best friends living together. Married 23 years now and it's wonderful. My situation is weird and I wouldn't say it's for everyone, but we make a good team and she is still helping me recover from a bad childhood.


5/15. I'm on the other side of this - I'm the woman that was with a gay man for years. It was a high school relationship - He was my first boyfriend, and we were together 3 1/2 years before everything fell apart and we split. The other huge factor in this story is that his father is a Southern Baptist pastor.

The first year or two of our relationship were completely normal high school relationship crap...first kiss, first date, spending time watching movies and making out on the couch in the basement, eventually both of us breaking our 'wait til marriage!' vows of virginity.

We used to get teased a lot because he had longer hair, and acted more feminine than other people. He used to joke back then about being gay, and carrying my purse around and trying to be over the top with it.


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