Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.

Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.


Around year 3 of the two of us dating, he passed me a note in science class saying he thought we needed to have a serious conversation. That evening, the two of us hung out and he told me that he felt like he was attracted to men. I was completely in denial about it. He and I spent a lot of nights talking about it - him wanting to have sex to see if it was just in his head. I knew deep down though that it wasn't going to work. Things got really weird and we didn't talk a whole lot for a couple of weeks after. I didn't know how to feel, and was completely heartbroken and torn up.

I remember him asking me if I would stay with him, because he was still in love with me, but just knew that he was attracted to men. With his dad being a pastor, he didn't want to have to explain why we had broken up to them. Especially when his family would frequently have conversations about how being gay is a sin and that God casts those who sin straight to hell. We eventually split, because he and I both knew that it wouldn't be fair to me.

Unfortunately, after we split, he avoided me because he was afraid I would tell people. It's been over 10 years, and we don't talk any more at all. I will occasionally think about him still.


6/15. I was engaged to a guy for a long time. I thought I loved him, he love me. I was pregnant at one point - it was definitely going to be forever.

But then I had my eyes opened to something different and I realised that I wasn't in love - I was just going through the motions of what was expected of me. I've now been married to a woman for nearly 5 years and gay/out of the closet for 15. Don't regret being with a man/men - but it's just not for me.


7/15. Gay guy here, was in pretty deep denial, 3 year long relationship with a girl I'd known for about 2 years previously (is this considered long term?). We were planning on having kids.

We were in love. I adored spending time with her, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and we got along great together. But the sex was just.. dull. It didn't matter what we did, how we tried to spice it up, I just found it lacking. I knew this was only on my end too. She loved sex and clearly got more out of it than I did.

I started to avoid it, subconciously, until one day she pointed it out to me distressed that she was doing something wrong. I hadn't realised I was avoiding it so I made more of an effort after then. But I distinctly remember one time after, when we were lying in bed, and I sat up and looked at her lying there naked and she smiled at me. I realised that I loved this moment more than I loved the sex. In fact I loved everything about our relationship except the sex. And that terrified me.


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