Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.

Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.


9/15. Lesbian here. Now married to a beautiful woman who is my soul mate and other half.

Before I came out (24) I seriously dated only men and I was in a three and a half year long relationship with a man that I was making long term plans with. The sex was rare because I was avoidant and didn't understand why. I was very much in denial, even though at the time I was out as bi.

He was super insecure because I would never have sex with him and it caused a lot of problems in our relationship. I started playing the mass effect series when I had jaw surgery. For those who don't know, you can have relationships with other characters in the game, one of which is a lesbian relationship.

I chose to play the game that way because, why not? Realized halfway through the game I was gay and had to break up with the bf. He handled it not well... But as well as he could when the woman you want to marry is telling you she can't be with you because she's gay. So, that's my big, nerdy coming out story...


10/15. 5 years of dating from 16 to 21.

It was ideal; she was beautiful; well matched across the board; loved her with all a young heart can.

Accepted my true self somewhere in the middle of it all. In the end, was a coward and summarily dismissed her.

Many years later, reached out with an apology.. She said I wasn't on the hook, but in my mind, a very tiny part of me always will be.


11/15. I used to be a guy and had several long term relationships with women that were seen as heterosexual (I mean, they were, despite what I felt underneath), but I transitioned to a woman and have been dating another woman for two years now.

There's a pretty big difference in how I have to act in public and how we are treated in public, and also the dynamic of the relationship is slightly different, in a good way. There's no longer an expectation for me to be the one who initiates or decides everything, or for me to be the dominant one in the bedroom (which reeeeeeeally sucked because I'm pretty submissive).

I've actually noticed a lot more homophobia within our families than from strangers, honestly. Things I used to be able to get away with before, like light PDA (a kiss on the cheek, hand holding, a hand rubbing her back), gets a "you two need to contain yourselves in public, and stop making out in front of people" from her mother...meanwhile my girlfriend's sister and her husband do the same things and no one bats an eye.

Her mom is very accepting of the LGBT community and always told her that it was okay if she liked women, even from a very young age...but I think a lot of people have latent homophobic thoughts that are hard to acknowledge and change, I guess.


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