Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.

Gay And Lesbian People Reveal What It Was Like To Date An Opposite Sex Partner And How It Worked Out.


12/15. Married for 6 years to a wonderful wife I love and am attracted to. I would now consider myself bisexual and really feel that I missed out on experimenting and exploring my sexuality.

My parents were very religious and I was raised believing homosexuality to be like THE sin. Thoughts of doing anything with another man were just the devil tempting me so like a good christian I never acted on those thoughts for fear of being kicked out of my parents house and shunned by everyone I considered important to me at the time. Flash forward to right when I stop being Christian (Age 27) I meet my wife and fall in love. I hadn't yet come to terms with my bisexuality. We get married and I slowly come to terms with who I am. She knows that I am bisexual because I am honest and share everything with her. She knows that I feel like I have missed out on being myself by never being with a man and she knows I would never, ever be unfaithful to her. If we ever stop loving each other or if my desires became too strong we would seek a divorce and probably remain friends through it. We have small children and it is very important to both of us to raise them together as a team even if we're not married.

It is nice that I can talk about my attractions openly with her. My life would have been very different were I not indoctrinated so heavily by my parents. Hell I probably would have never been married at all and just been in relationships. I suffer from depression and when I am having a fit of depression my thoughts turn to being "trapped" or not truly living my life. That is really the only time I have regrets and I'm sure my depression is causing a lot of that. All in all though I am happy...I think.


13/15. I loved her, romantically anyway. The feelings were very deep and passionate, and felt very real, even at 16-17. We experienced a lot of firsts together and that made everything we did quite special.

I was still in denial for about 12-13 of the 15(?) months we were together. (I honestly can't remember when we broke up. We mutually decided to break up, got back together at one point, and ended it again.) I'd known that I was gay since childhood, but until I was 17 (really more like 19) I felt like I was expected to be straight, so I rationalized the signs and pretended to be what I was told I needed to be.

It felt like a normal relationship. Only thing was that sex was difficult. I wasn't able to maintain an erection. I blamed it on performance anxiety. It very well could have been, but I don't think it was that at the time. Now, I can't maintain an erection any time I'm prompted to top a guy. Turns out pressuring yourself to be interested in something you're not interested in can leave lasting damages on your psyche.

I messed with her, too. I didn't really understand how to be a good partner at the time anyway, but I truly didn't understand myself emotionally and sexually due to my age and the fact that I had been lying to myself all the years my straight brethren were exploring themselves. I didn't handle the breakup well. As a result, I deepened existing trust and body image issues she had been struggling with.


14/15. I dated a woman who was very torn on her desires. She wanted to be a good Christian but she had been severely abused by men in her life.

We dated a while because I was sweet and slightly effeminate. She ended up leaving me for a woman that stole her dog.

We're still friends. She's still very single and confused as far as I know. Now I'm starting up a relationship with a man which is totally foreign to me.


15/15. My bf of 2 years was married to his college sweetheart after graduating. Everything was normal. They moved to the DC area after a job opportunity. He became more and more aware of his own curiosity and sexuality after being exposed to such a gay-friendly city (DC's super gay, y'all). After 4 years, they tried marriage counselling but eventually divorced.

They are THE BEST of friends. Always together and chatting about their boyfriends (usually how I'm a slob and am always playing video games). Both of their Kansas families are totally cool with everything and really like how the potentially-devastating situation turned out.

The most interesting part is how much his personality developed after coming out and being open about his life. When he was married to his wife, she always said how introverted and quiet he was - no longer the case.



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