Girl Shares Her Story Of A Seemingly Nice Guy She Met On Craigslist, Who Turned Out To Be Someone Else Entirely.

Girl Shares Her Story Of A Seemingly Nice Guy She Met On Craigslist, Who Turned Out To Be Someone Else Entirely.


It's perhaps cliche at this point to warn about the supposed dangers of meeting people you found online. After all, dating apps are now so widely used that many of us probably hear more 'online dating success stories' than 'online dating creeper stories'. But things happen. No matter how unlikely, there are shady people out there.

Reddit user, 'throwaway-el26' shares one such story of a close call with a Craigslist meetup. Warning: this is a truly chilling story, and deals with some disturbing subject matter.

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In 2007 I went on a date with a guy from Craigslist. I was 17 years old at the time.

A guy responded to an ad I had put up. He lived close to me, and so I emailed him back and gave him my number. He was actually one of the only ones who responded without a creepy message. His name was Jon and he was 26 years old.

This guy, Jon, and I, spoke for two days before meeting, and we met on a Friday night. We texted back and forth and he asked if I was single, I said yes. He asked what kind of food I liked to eat, because he wanted to take me to a restaurant. I asked him a few questions about himself, he told me he still lived with his mother but had the top floor to himself, and that he was a part time model that made good money. Judging by his picture him being a model was fairly believable.

So on Friday night Jon comes to pick me up. He drove a silver two door car, I want to say Ford. He popped me a message to say he was waiting outside, and after checking my hair and make up one last time I said goodbye to my parents, telling them I was heading out with friends, and left.

I got into Jon's car and noticed that he looked exactly like his photo – the tall dark and handsome type. He had pale skin with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked a little older in person but he made up for it with a snappy fashion sense. He looked cool, and cute.

He was incredibly kind, and his body language and smile totally put me at ease. Yes, it's really stupid to go on a date from Craigslist, but surprisingly this guy was normal. We chatted for a while as he started driving away from my home town, towards the highway. He wanted to drive us into the city to go to dinner, which wasn't too far – around a 25 minute journey. Jon started to reveal more details about himself to me on this journey – he told me he was embarrassed to tell me he lived with his mother, that I might think bad of him for not having his own place at his age. Jon got closer and closer to the highway and I can't tell you what it was, I won't make it up because I don't remember, but it wasn't anything remotely creepy, I just felt put off by him. (Continued)

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