Hairdressers Share The Worst Way They've Ever Messed Up Someone's Hair... Oops!

Hairdressers Share The Worst Way They've Ever Messed Up Someone's Hair... Oops!


Hairdressers of Reddit were asked: "What's the worst you have ever messed up someone's hair?" These are some of the best answers.

I mean, can you blame her?

A woman with dark hair came in, she colored it by box often. She came in desperately wanting to be blond. I gave her two choices: we repeatedly highlight it over time, or I strip her hair and lighten it over a couple of appointments. The salon was closing soon and I told her I'd only have time for the stripping process and that her hair would likely be orange when she went home. She said that was fine. I assured her tomorrow's appointment we'd take care of it. Well she left the chair looking like an oompa loompa and I never saw her again.


Now THAT'S a generous person

I once had a guard pop off while I was cleaning around the sides of my customer's head and I ended up shaving a bald spot about 2"x4" on the back of his head. Luckily the customer was only a child, and his mother was very understanding. I gave her whole family of 5 free haircuts and they let me play around and do some chemical straightening and dye jobs. After they tipped me $200 and wouldn't let me refuse it, even after telling them all the work I did would have only cost them around 170.


I think this is a recurring nightmare for me

I turned a girls head bright sea foam green. She was a teenager. It was supposed to be platinum blonde. I was alone. Tears were shed.


What a serendipitous event

When I was in hair school, though, a lady came in who wanted a trim. She had her hair flat ironed when she came in, so I gave it a shampoo and started the cut. I didn't realize how curly her hair had gotten while it was slowly drying and I was doing the trim. I was just keeping track of the last layer of hair I cut, and it wound up being about 4 inches shorter than I started. After she realized how short it was, she was a little upset but told me to fix it in some cute short cut. Turned out she loved it and kept it that way.


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