'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.

'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.


We would all like to think of ourselves as total badasses, but the truth is that most people like to just avoid conflict and go about their lives. But sometimes badassery naturally shines upon us, and we must be available to receive it.

Here are sixteen awesome, but totally accidental, badass moments.

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1/16. Was in a restaurant with my GF at the time when a guy built like a refrigerator just comes barging through and knocks my GF's drink all over her. It was clearly an accident based on his refrigerator like physique and being unable to hold his arms at his side.

At this point I'm standing up to help clean her up and figure he's going to apologize or something. Instead he pushes my shoulder and tells me to get out of the way and "let her clean herself up". I stare at him and say "that is my girlfriend...you better apologize to her," with a cold, dead stare.

So the woman and man at the table next to us are notably getting nervous, she drops her menu off the table. By some fluke I catch the menu flat along the top of my foot before it hits the ground and proceed to just raise my foot, keeping the menu on top of it. I grab the menu into my hand (all the while glaring into this guys eyes). I just tell her "Sorry Ma'am, you seemed to have dropped this".

I just look at him and say "so, i think we left it off where you were going to apologize to my girlfriend for being so rude and then walking around?"

Much to my surprise, he turned to my GF and said, I'm terribly sorry and then turned around and walked away. Our check was taken care of as well.

I've caught light things like pieces of paper on top of my foot, but never something like a menu...AND I was always terrible at hacky-sack.


2/16. So in my first years in high school there was this bully that always picked on me, pushing me around, swearing and other bullying stuff.

Me being the bespectacled little geek and him being taller and bulkier, I just tried to get out of his way and avoid him.

So in our second year, our school went for a field trip in some village/farm area. As soon as we were far from teachers, this bully shows up and pushes me around and hits me. I was fuming because he spoiled my trip, but didn't do anything and he left.

A few hours later, I was having lunch up on a small hill that was overlooking a small amateur soccer field. And there was the bully, back to me, 20 meters away, playing as goal keeper.


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