'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.

'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.


Geek rage flairs up! I had this apple with me, so I pick it up and throw it with all my might towards him. It hit him! Straight on the shoulder blade. Now my added height and distance must have added to the force of impact, because he got knocked down, hard.

He lay there for a good 5 minutes, got up turned around, looked at me and started walking slowly towards me. I was thinking "Oh no! Oh no! He's gonna kill me...", but I had the geek rage still flaring so I stood defiantly and waited. Ready to fight back this time.

He reaches me and goes:

Him: What was that ?

Me: An apple.

Him: Listen man, I don't want any trouble.

I was dumbfounded. He never bothered me again after that, even became a bit friendly.


3/16. I was sitting on a patio with friends and a friend who is absolutely terrified of roaches started screaming and running around because a roach appeared on the top of patio about 25 feet away from me.

As a joke, I casually stood up, whipped out my pocket knife and while talking I threw it. It went spinning threw the air and stick the roach to the wood. I sat back down and finished what I was saying while everyone was in disbelief. We all had a good laugh and they nicknamed me crocodile dun-dee.


4/16. At the end of the high school year in gym class (when it was too hot to do anything outside), the bleachers would be out in the gym and 95% of people would sit on them, while the 5% who wanted to do something would be shooting some hoops waiting for the period to be over.

I was in that 5%, but there was a kid who would always try to run up and steal the basketball and throw it all the way across the gym. If he ever touched the ball you know you would have to go 200' to get it back. If he didn't steal it from you the first time, he would tackle people to the ground and then get it and throw it.

He was strolling towards me one day, and I knew what he was planning, so when he was about 10 feet from me I just sprinted down the court towards the other side of the gym with my ball in hand, and he took chase. About half way down the court, where everyone was sitting on the bleachers, I decide to ditch the ball so I can run faster and not get tackled from behind by a pretty meaty dude. I threw the ball basically straight up as I was running, and by some freak of luck he did not see the ball coming down and it blasted him exactly on his face, and he fell and was rolling around confused for a while while everyone laughed at him.

After I saw what happened, I ran to the top end of the bleachers because I figured it would be safer if he couldn't find me, but right after he got up he spotted me and stormed up the bleachers like he was going to beat the crap out of me.


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