'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.

'He Flung Himself Down The Stairs' People Share Their Favorite Accidentally Badass Moment.


He got up in my face trying to start a fight, but I didn't want to do anything due to my schools very strict no-fighting policy, so I just held my hands up politely like "What do you want me to do?".

After about a minute of him screaming at me (and everyone watching intently), he decides he wants to shove me, but he somehow didn't realize that I was sitting against a wall and would therefore not move very much. He tried to push me, but instead he just flung his own body down the bleacher stairs and slid all the way to the bottom. He ended up getting suspended for fighting, and all I got was props from the entire class.


5/16. Once there was this huge Rottweiler. That dog was chained next to a road I walked on a couple times a day. He was freaking vicious, and kept chained next to his dog house in a corner of the lot with about a 1/2 inch chain. It was said he'd killed at least a couple of cats. I would always ignore him. But one night about midnight I was walking home and he started running at me as usual. But then I heard the unmistakable sign of wood breaking and then the chain dragging across the ground. I turned and the dog was running at me with murder in his eyes. I just thought about what his owner would do, so I turned to face him and bellowed, "AGGGHHHHHHHH!"

He turned tail and obediently returned to his little house. The owner came out and was angry at me for "breaking" his guard dog.


6/16. About 15 years ago, my ex-wife and I were at a party sitting across from each other at a fairly large table. We were surrounded by dozens of friends. Some sitting, some standing and chatting in the kitchen.

She had my Zippo and I wanted a smoke, so I asked her to toss it to me. She tossed the zippo to me across the table....the lid pops open in mid-air.....somehow I hit the roller with my thumb AS I catch it and the thing lights up as it hits my hand! My arm is fully outstretched when I catch it, so I smoothly pulled my arm in, lit the cigarette in my mouth, snapped the zippo shut with a flick of my wrist and tossed it back to her with one fluid motion.

Half the people at the table jump up in amazement and begged us over and over again to perform the trick one more time. We refused. I never told a soul that the whole event was completely accidental. My friends still talk about it with awe!


7/16. When I was about 11 years old I got chased by two vicious, hungry looking Dobermans in a car yard. Realised I wasn't going to get away, so I turned around, put my war face on and bolted straight at them, shouting like I was possessed and intending to tear their snouts off.

Dogs disappeared with their tails between their legs. I felt like a big man.


8/16. Me and my then 3 year old son went to the playground. This bigger kid arrived and started going around scaring the crap out of the littler kids by popping out and "roar"-ing and hissing and what not, right in their face. I saw what car came in and that his mom was sitting in it still, maybe just waiting for him to finish "playing". Anyway he proceeds to do his scare thing to my son who of course freaks out and runs to me crying. I started fuming. Thinking it is his own parent's responsibility to tell him to cut it out, I decided to go tell his mom.


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