High School Teacher Actually Confesses How He Married A Student Who Came On To Him.

High School Teacher Actually Confesses How He Married A Student Who Came On To Him.


Teachers of Reddit were asked: "Did a student ever offer you sex to pass a class? If yes, how did you react and what were the further consequences?" One user, disposable_neteng, had an unbelievable story to share.

Shortly after college, my old school district offered me an IT job which quickly evolved into the state emergency field certifying me to teach the high school Intro and AP CS courses in addition to my district-wide IT responsibilities.

Some of the "star" pupils in the CS sections were routinely recruited for what was basically an unpaid IT internship through a state program whereby they would get out of one or more class periods per day and become IT minions to build their skills with the understanding that as their skills grew, they would lead their own team of student techs. Neat program.

Anyway, in my few years with the district, we had a few kids, mainly seniors, who were clearly heading in the wrong direction.

The school administration had an off-book program where they would help displaced, homeless and obviously at-risk kids get their lives back on the right track and finish their education. One young woman that I remember really having issues at home made overt sexual advances in my direction and nearly ruined my life. This wasn't even for a better grade-- she was already making a 4.0. This was about attention and, perhaps, some confused feelings.

I may have been 20 or so, but I was smart enough not to take the bait, whether authentic or otherwise. That isn't to say that I didn't have some trouble result from their behavior. All that I can say is "Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster" that I was evaluating some IP cameras and had one running in my office.

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