Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.

Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.


We all know that some messed up stuff goes on it hotels. Everything from celebrity meltdowns to porn shoots. But these stories go a little bit beyond "do not disturb."


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1/16. I worked valet at this fancy hotel in Virginia. One Friday evening, this really nice old couple pulls up and gets us to unload their bags and park the car, all the stuff you do at a fancy hotel. Later that night, they have a nice dinner and drinks out on the town and return to the hotel.

The next morning, someone sees a note on their door that says, "Do not enter, call the police". It turns out that the wife had been diagnosed with a terminal, incurable disease and they decided to take cyanide and both go out together after a nice evening, instead of letting the disease win.

The weekend after this happened, the room was reopened and no one even knew that it happened.


2/16. We had a guest we ended up calling "Pie Guy”. He would come into the hotel without a reservation, pay for a room in cash, and put down a $100 cash deposit. The next day, we would find his bathroom and bathtub full of the crusty remains of several expensive pies.

He never came to the desk for his deposit, as he knew he wouldn't be getting it back. Eventually, we added his name to our "do not rent" list but he kept coming back and using different names.

One time we found a torn up list in his room with the words "pie" and "pants" scribbled over and over again.


3/16. One night, a guy came in with a luggage cart filled with boxes and a VCR. As you might expect, within 30 minutes, we received multiple noise complaints of vulgar sounds coming from his room. But the mystery runs a little deeper than you might expect. (continued…)

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