Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.

Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.


We made multiple unanswered warning calls to the room, so I called the Police. They got there pretty quickly, and we went up to the room.

Noise is not discernible. Knocks go unanswered. Open the room up, and…A VCR is plugged in, pornography is on the TV (now muted) with piles of other VHS porn tapes piled all over the room. Multiple sex toys and lubricants spread around everywhere. But there was no sign of the guy.

So we leave the room as is until morning. We check on the room in the morning, and there’s no sign he's been back. In fact, he never returned. Like some kind of porn VHS Phantom of the Opera. His stash went in the dumpster.


4/16. While working as the overnight manager at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, the bartender called me at 1:30am and said he was having trouble closing down the bar because a bunch of people were playing the piano, singing and wouldn’t leave.

I was so busy with reports, etc that I marched right over intent on quickly breaking up the party. I entered the bar to find none other than Fleetwood Mac singing Beatle covers!

There was Mick Fleetwood playing percussion on a cigar box, and Christine McVie at the piano. I stood in awe. A backup singer grabbed me by the arm, pulled me over to McVie and I sat next to her singing Hey Jude and other songs. Surreal.

Bruce Claver

5/16. Once, a stoned guy walked into the lobby at midnight, picked up a decorative rock, walked around the perimeter of the lobby, and then put the rock back. Then, without a word, he returned from whence he came.


6/16. I initially considered going anonymous for this answer, but what the hell. It's true and it happened so why hide, right?

We once had a consultant from a very large company come show up incredibly drunk at the hotel. He couldn't find his own room and kept trying his key on the room exactly one floor below his.

That room was occupied by a woman who promptly called security. They figured out who he was, took him to his room and thought that would be the end of it. An hour later, the same woman called - her ceiling was leaking water. (continued...)

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