Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.

Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.


Guessing what might be the problem, security rushed to this guy's room. No answer. Could hear water running. They were stepping on wet carpet outside the room.

It's 2am now, and they forcibly enter the room. Rush to the bathroom. Our guy is stark naked, passed out, sprawled on to the floor of the large rain shower, with his butt covering and completely blocking the drain. Security, turn the water off, cover him but take a photo.

Total damage was about $13,000 (carpets, cleaning, etc.) The guy tried to deny it in the morning. Our hotel manager was having none of it. She showed him the photo and he agreed to pay the full amount back to the hotel if we didn't tell his employer. We didn't.

Vikram Pradhan

7/16. One night, I had an older white man who would only be helped and served by people of color, telling us "you can't trust white people."


8/16. I used to work at the front desk. One day, a guy asked if he could book another room to store his eleven life-size sex dolls.


9/16. Former hotel maid here. Walked in (after being told to "come in") on a older woman inserting a foreign object into a much younger man on a bed where they had replaced the hotel sheets with their own Twilight themed spread.


10/16. I had a weird guest who was part of a land survey crew that would come in every week. One time she called the front desk and said, "There are bubbles in my toilet. Why are there bubbles in my toilet?"

I told her they might have flushed the water pipes (BSing). She then says, "Hold on, I'm going to bring some down." I said, "Ma'am, that's really not necessary," but she was already off the line. (continued...)

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