Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.

Hotel Workers Share The Craziest Real Life Stories About Guests.


So we called the police, half-expecting to see an arrest for possession. When the officer arrived, I took him in the back office, away from the guests, and explained the situation and backstory. We had a good laugh at the drummer's stupidity.

The officer comes out straight faced, takes the drummer's (dead serious) statement, listens to him explain how he had left his illegal drugs in the room, and now they are gone, then lets him know the police will follow up with him in the morning.

They never did. That guy is lucky he’s a good drummer.

Edward Conway

14/16. While stories of men cheating on their wives are common, we actually had the wife show up one afternoon at the front desk looking for him. In a bad mood, naturally, fuming, ready to rip someone's head off. She said she knew he was there, she just needed the room number. We knew this guy - he was a regular, for what it's worth.

Luckily for this guy, his mistress paid for the room (in cash), so we used an alias on the room. We would allow that as long as we had seen ID and knew who the person really was.

So we were able to tell the wife that there was no one registered by that name. She argued and left. Then security got a call. A distressed woman was knocking on every door demanding to see if her husband is in one of them. Quite the scene. Many guests were appalled while other took pleasure in the spectacle.

The front desk called the guy in his room, and the next thing we know, we had to escort him from the back of the hotel to his car in the garage underground. Police were called and took the wife in to custody. Needless to say, we never saw any of them again.

Vikram Pradhan

15/16. Had a guy in a very upscale hotel sit in the lobby and smoke several Cuban cigars and drink about a litre of Patron. I guess he had to use the bathroom, so he made his way to the front desk to ask where the toilet is.

After asking and making his way down the stairs, the bellman said he smelled something strange. (continued...)

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