How Harry Potter Would Be Different If It Took Place In The U.S.

How Harry Potter Would Be Different If It Took Place In The U.S.


I know, I know... technically we already have "Fantastic Beasts", which exists in the U.S. in the 1930's or so. But just for fun let's pretend that the Harry Potter book/movie series takes place in America in the 90's. Just let that thought sink in... that would actually change A LOT. 

People shared how they thought Harry Potter would change if it had taken place in the United States, and their ideas are hilarious. Check it out!

1. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Beer!

Butter beer wouldn't have butter.


2. I Need This To Happen

You would have a group saying that you have a right to know the Avada Kedavra spell to protect yourself. Then you'd have another group saying that the Department of Magic needs to control who knows it because every other country does this and they have less Avada Kedavra murders.


3. Ball Is Life

Most Quidditch players don't know anything about magic, nor do they care. They just came to Hogwarts on a sports scholarship.


4. Fang Would Be A Giant Pit Bull.

Hagrid would live in a trailer.


5. This One Got Me

They'd play a completely different sport but still call it Quidditch.


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