'I Can Explain!': Times People Were Caught In The Most Compromising Situations.

'I Can Explain!': Times People Were Caught In The Most Compromising Situations.


17/24 I got a hole in my favorite sweater when I was around 12. It was made of that stretchy, thin material that's impossible to mend without being obvious, so I was looking for alternatives to save it. I got this idea that nail polish would keep the hole from spreading, but I didn't have any clear, so I used a dark maroon color that matched the shirt.

The hole was on the chest of the shirt, so was eye-level for most of the boys in my 6th grade class. I figured I had to do something to make my bra less obvious through the hole, so I grabbed a bra I didn't like and painted it with the same nail polish. Perfect.

Mom found the bra first and accepted that I had spilled nail polish on it. I'm not sure why I didn't tell the truth, but I was a kid and kids are weird.

Then my mom found the sweater. All she saw was a hole with a dark, crusty ring and she assumed I had been smoking and had burned a hole in the sweater. I had never smoked in my life, never left the house without her except to go to school, and had no way to get to a store that sold cigarettes without a car.

Yet I was still grounded. For smoking. She didn't believe my story, not even paired with the painted bra.


18/24 My friend, who is a film student, tends to make about 1-3 short films every summer when he's home from college. I usually help him out. He doesn't have a printer at his house, so it's always been my job to print out one or two scripts to do a read through with him and the actors.

One of his shorts was about a closeted lesbian who was in love with her best friend. The last page of the script involved a passionate kiss and then some screaming. And, of course, when I was stapling them, one of those pages fell to the ground.

My mother, who has always suspected me of being a lesbian, found it and assumed I had written it. She absolutely wouldn't believe me when I said it belonged to my friend.


19/24 I have a hand held electric nail file. It's really... Well... Dildo shaped. I had some friends over for a sleepover one night and my friend pulls it out and gives me this look of abject horror... I don't think she believed me when I told her its just a nail file.


20/24 First, some background info. I live in Pennsylvania and you're allowed to (and usually have to) pump your own gas. In New Jersey, it's illegal to pump your own gas.

So, some friends are driving around New Jersey. Said friend is the member of a band and, with him, is the other 3 members of his band, his girlfriend, and another friend. That's 6 people. The car only has seats for 5. So, on a trip to the gas station, one bandmate figures it'd be fun to ride in the trunk.

On the way from the venue to the gas station, while in the trunk, he gets totally naked save for a pink bandana around his neck so he can surprise everyone when they get back.

The car arrives at the gas station and, realizing they have to let someone pump their gas, they pull up to a pump and an attendant comes to help them. When he asks my friend to open the door covering the gas valve thingy, with him being used to manually opening it himself (as opposed to using the automatic button inside the car), he fumbles around for the button...

And pops the trunk.

There lays a naked man, who looks a bit like a beardless Jesus, wearing nothing but a pink bandana.

The best part is my friend didn't even realize it was the wrong button. So, the attendant just stands there awkwardly as the guy in the trunk tries to shut the trunk while everyone in the car sits looking bored with straight faces.


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