'I Can Explain!': Times People Were Caught In The Most Compromising Situations.

'I Can Explain!': Times People Were Caught In The Most Compromising Situations.


21/24 About 8 years ago me and some friends were working in Northern Italy around this time of year and we decided to hire a car and drive into Germany for Octoberfest.

After finding a carpark in Munich we (3 guys, 2 girls) head off to enjoy the beer. A few hours pass and my girlfriend is pretty drunk and looks like she's gonna start puking soon so we all decide to take her back to the car and let her have a bit of sleep on the back seat. Trying to get her into the car was a different story though because she wanted to "sleepy ina da back, no really back the car". Naturally we throw her in the boot and she went to sleep.

The rest of us locked the car and off we went to find a bar. Many, many beers and sing songs later we were heading back to the car when two policemen stopped us in the street and asked us for our IDs. We explained that all our stuff was in our hire car around the corner. The nice policemen offered to walk with us to the car so we could show them that we were legit European citizens and we weren't trying to smuggle people into the country or anything absurd like that. Get to the car, open the boot, Italian girlfriend is still asleep on our bags. The police look at each other and I quickly explain why there is what appears to be a drugged up kidnap victim in our car. After waking her up she starts shouting at the police because she was "nice sleepy der". The policemen check all our passports and one of them wishes me luck dealing with my drunk girlfriend and gives me a wink.


22/24 When I was 12 years old, my little sister was 1. I was getting her ready for her bath one day when I had the overwhelming desire to bite her... As in "OMGyouaresocuteIjustwanttobiteyou!!!!". So I tried to bite her butt through her diaper but accidentally chomped right down on her butt cheek. She cried and there were teeth marks on her butt so I became worried that my parents would think I was some sort of weirdo/perv/sociopath. They came in to find out why she was crying and when I explained they didn't even get mad. They totally understood my need to bite her. She really was that cute.


23/24 When I was an intern (I'm a doctor) I examined an admittedly ridiculously hot girl who was having palpitations. I took out my stethoscope and listened to her heart under her hospital gown. I clumsily and very accidentally (while holding the stethoscope) brushed her nipple with my hand and her heart starts beating faster and the alarm of the heart monitor starts going off. In comes the nurse to see what's happening and there I am with my hand under her top and both of us are blushing like mad and me looking very, very guilty.


24/24 I used to have to unload stuff from my work truck into my garage. It wasn't uncommon for me to forget to shut the tailgate on the covered truck bed. In the summer it wasn't such a bad thing, but in the winter, cats would take shelter in it.

On bad nights, I would intentionally leave it open. These were cats other neighbors just let roam the neighborhood, often forgetting about them. I felt bad for them, but didn't want to bring them into my house because I didn't want fleas/disease transferred to my animals.

I got into the habit of smacking the bed with my hand before shutting the tailgate and driving to work. When I smacked the bed, the cats would usually jet out the back of the truck. I would do a quick look in and then shut the tailgate. One wintery, blistery day I woke up late. So I ran out the door, slammed the tailgate without thinking about or doing the obligatory bed-smack/look.

On the way to the job, I stopped to get gas at a station really close to my house and remembered I needed gas for my snowblower. I usually had a gas can in the bed. I stopped at the gas station, which was a typically busy in the morning gas station and started filling the truck.

I went back to the tailgate to open it to get the gas can out. I dropped the tailgate and about six, terrified cats came racing out of the bed. One actually ran up and over me, leaping from my shoulder. They did this big loopity-loop, panic run in the gas station and then headed off into the neighborhood. They all made it out safe and we were only a few blocks from my house.

But for one instant. Everyone in the gas station froze to stare at me. People inside were staring out at me. People at the pumps were staring at me. I've never felt so judged in my life, it was like i was trafficking humans. I could feel their eyes penetrating my soul. It was about 10o F out and I could feel myself starting to sweat.

When I went in to get coffee, the silence finally broke and a woman asked me what it was all about. I explained it to her, rather loudly so that everyone who witnessed it could hear it. I don't think they believed me....



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