Ice T. And 24 Other Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously Nice To Fans.

Ice T. And 24 Other Celebrities Who Are Ridiculously Nice To Fans.


21/25 I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney with Tony Hawk. He had given me his autograph earlier at a convention and we just happened to be in line together. He was really cool.


22/25 Don Cheadle. Gave me a tip on some salmon to buy at Whole Foods.


23/25 Chuck Norris- tipped me $150 bucks... on a $30 bill. Was right around the time the Chuck Norris jokes were becoming popular. While I was taking the order I overheard a coworker make one of the jokes, saw Chuck;s face just sorta tighten like "not this [stuff]f again" and I politely excused myself, took the other employee aside and told them to leave him... alone so he could eat.


24/25 When I was a kid, like 2 or 3, I often saw an old man at a grocery store with a small, white dog. The man came up to me one day and handed me a basket. He said I could walk the dog while filling up the basket with candy (which he then later paid for). This became the routine whenever I saw that man at the grocery store. Walk dog, get candy.

That man was Gene Wilder. I got candy from Willy Wonka himself.


25/25 A few years back, my grandmother (then about 75 years old) and Adam Sandler's father had back-to-back chemo appointments in Boston. Every week she would see Adam Sandler, in sunglasses, come with his father to chemo. Her cancer was stage III at this point and she was under a great deal of stress, and honest to God, Adam Sandler used to rub her back and ease her nerves before going in. Unfortunately his Dad died that year, but my grandmother made a full recovery. Never really liked Adam Sandler's stuff that much, but the way he treated my sick, elderly grandmother was incredible.



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