Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.

Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.


If you don't believe in luck, fate, or destiny, these stories might make you think twice about that.


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1/13. The television show “Friends” saved my life.

It was the year of 2000, late October. Friends was in its prime. My mother was pregnant with me. It was a smooth pregnancy up to that point, and as she was approaching her due date, the doctor had told her to come to the hospital on x day at x time.

My mom, being the wonderful Friends geek she was (is), politely asked if it would be alright to check into the hospital an hour or two prior to the time Friends would air, as this was on a Thursday. She wanted to be settled in and situated in her hospital room so that she could view that nights episode with as little distraction as possible. The doctors agreed with a chuckle.

So, October 26th, 2000 comes and my mom checks into the hospital, early as expected. She gets situated in her room, hooked up to all the machines and monitors, with the slight ‘swish swish’ of my heartbeat portrayed on a monitor calmly in the background. The Friends theme-song played shortly after.

Swish swish “So no one told you life was gonna be this way-” *mother claps to theme song probably* swish swish “your job’s a joke, you’re broke-” swish swish “your love life’s DOAAAAA” swish swish “It’s like you’re always stuck in second gearrrrr” *swishing stops* *mother notices, nurse notices*

The next two minutes were a blur. Like the movies, doctors flooded into the room and rushed her bed down the hall.

So an Emergency C-Section takes place at the speed of light. I was pulled from the womb with all five fingers tightly wrapped around my umbilical cord.

Yeah… I cut my own circulation off, almost killing my unborn self. What a dork.

The scary thing is, had my mom not asked to go into the hospital a few hours early to catch Friends, she would’ve been at home when my heart stopped beating!

Emma Martin

2/13. A mysterious phone call saved me life while I was in Afghanistan. To this day, I still can’t explain it. (continued...)

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