Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.

Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.


I was directing fire of a heavy weapon on an enemy post. The corrections were coming from an observer over a telephone line. Suddenly, the phone went dead due to enemy fire which cut the line.

In order to continue firing, I now had to come out from the bunker and observe the fire on my own. While doing so, suddenly, the telephone which was dead, rang! In order to pick up the phone I moved back towards the bunker.

While doing so, I felt a massive push which threw me inside. The whole bunker was filled with black smoke. It then dawned upon me that an enemy shell had hit our bunker at the exact same spot where I had been standing a few seconds before.

I would have died had the phone not rung. But the phone was dead. The line was cut. It couldn’t have happened. But it happened.


3/13. One cold winter’s night, I had an incredibly vivid dream that a doctor was examining my dead body. He was dictating a verbal autopsy. I heard him say, “The victim’s cause of death was asphyxiation due to gas poisoning.”

I woke up. It was after midnight. The apartment was ice cold, my vision was blurred and I was disoriented. I immediately opened up my bedroom window and breathed the outside air. Feeling a little better, I put on some warm clothes, walked past the heater and saw that the pilot light was out. I opened up all the windows, the doors and went outside. That dream saved my life!

Howard Friedman

4/13. A hedgehog saved my life when I was at college.

I used to work nights and cycle home around 4 am. There was a long hill to bike down, then a bend in the road, then a big hill to ride up. I would usually bike around the bend full speed, and rely on my hearing and the glare of headlights to see if anyone was coming.

One night, I was cycling home with headphones in because I'd had a bad shift. I wasn’t really paying attention. (continued...)

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