Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.

Lucky People Share The Craziest Way They Actually Cheated Death.


Three quarters of my left lung was filled with fluid, as well as half of my right one.

I was instantly admitted to the hospital, and they started me on antibiotics. Still, I kept getting worse, instead of better, until on Wednesday they put me in the ICU. My left lung collapsed that night, and I had to be intubated. I spent four days in a medically induced coma, and I didn't find out until months later that my doctors thought I wouldn't live through it.

To this day, there's no medical explanation for the fact that I pulled through with no lasting damage. So not only is my survival inexplicable, but I think that in the end the something that saved me was the fact that my mother asked that one question and got me an x-ray.

Karla Pacheco

8/13. I almost got hit by a train.

It happened when I was in the 11th grade. I was on my way home and I had to cross the railway before I reached the area. There was no one around. All of a sudden, my uniform skirt got stuck in between the rails. Slowly I started hearing the sound of the train coming down the line. I kept trying to pull my skirt free, but I was frozen.

I didn't know what to do. I knew it was late for me to run, it was so close. In the last moment, I heard someone's voice and it seemed that I had been pushed. I found myself lying on the ground, only several meters from the railway while the train passed - skirt intact.

I thought somebody must have helped me. I was looking around, hoping to find someone. But there was nobody there.

I don't know what happened to me, but I am really grateful to whatever or whoever saved my life. If that had happened only a few seconds later, I most definitely would have died from the hit.

Anne Soraya

9/13. I was running with a hiking guide and some friends when I slipped a step, and fell off a ravine. I was rolling and tumbling for I cannot remember how many times. I just felt roots and stones hitting my ribs, my legs, my chest. Then, I blacked out.

I woke up to a voice saying, "DON'T MOVE, JUST STAY THERE, WE'RE HERE.” It was the guide, secured with harnesses descending toward me. That’s when I realized I was hanging from a tree branch that had caught my bag's hip belt. Below me are huge rough rock formations that could've broken me into pieces.

I love trees.

Kat Marasigan

10/13. I owe my life to a gingerbread cookie. No, seriously. (continued...)

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