Married Men And Women Share The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was The One.

Married Men And Women Share The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was The One.


bought a box of pancake mix to surprise her in the morning. I came back, got into bed and nodded off. At one point I felt her get up and heard her go into the bathroom, I passed back out. We were sitting down to eat breakfast that next morning when I pulled out the pancake mix and said, I know how much you like pancakes so I snuck out last night and got this. She smiled, walked to the freezer and pulled out a box of eggos while saying, "I don't have a waffle iron, so I bought these last night." That was the moment.


5. When he explained, in detail, the treehouse he plans to build for me.


6. I had driven across 3 states to be in a friend's wedding. The day before the wedding, we were decorating the reception hall. I had to use the bathroom, and while in the stall heard this running, screaming terror. Having several nephews, I knew the sound of an out of control child, and was silently laughing to myself...until the men's room door flew open and this 3 year old comes barging into the bathroom and kicks open my stall door while there was a distraught scream of "NO!" in the background and this cute, horrified woman came running in, red faced, to usher her daughter out as I desperately tried to get my pants up.

After getting out of the bathroom, I realized she won't make eye contact, so being a social guy I went over to tell her it was okay. The first thing she said was "I'm so sorry...I think I must have been drinking while I was pregnant with her." Funny and cute. I was interested.

The next night at the wedding reception, we talked more and I mentioned sleep apnea, where a person stops breathing in her sleep. She looked over the champagne and said:

"That happened to my ex all the time...then I would decide to take the pillow off his face. Worst mistake I ever made."

Funny. Cute. Dark sense of humor. I was in love.

We were married a year later. We now have 3 children...two of which she's fighting to get to bed right now (Daddy sings two songs, then Daddy's done. Mommy is a bit of a pushover for a glass of water), adopted her daughter, and we still find an hour or two every day to tease and joke with each other. Life, my friend, is good.


7. So I met this girl, and we hit it off and hang out pretty much non stop for a week, she mentions that she thinks it would be cool to get randomly married, I say that I thought a spontaneous wedding would be the most awesome way to get married. So right then and there we (Continued)

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