Married Men And Women Share The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was The One.

Married Men And Women Share The Moment They Realized Their Partner Was The One.


caused me (somehow) to be the man I wanted to be. I was never immature or petty with her. I didn't get bothered when she disagreed with me, I was too busy realizing that she made a good point. I would often find myself shutting off televisions, computers, etc because we were having more interesting conversations and I couldn't be bothered with distractions. After several years we still find ourselves locked in conversation, sitting across from each other, and realizing we've spent the last 3-4 hours talking and laughing with each other.


16. We both looked each other in the eye, and had the same thought, so I spoke it. "We're stuck together, aren't we?" That was 9 years ago. We're married.


17. When we were leaving a family gathering and she hugged my 94 year old grandfather. Showing him this care/love, I had the epiphany that I was going to marry her.


18. She took a timeout from chatting to chug a guinness at 10am.


19. Both my parents tell the same story. My dad was walking my mom back to her house on there 2nd actual date. They got to her doorstep and to make small talk my said "Oh, it's a full moon tonight", My Dad (ever the engineer) says "No... I think that's more of a 15/16th moon...". I don't know why but apparently they both laughed.

They dated for 3 weeks, married in under a year, been together for 44 years this April. They are most of all, each others best friend.


20. When I realized that she didn't give a crap about any of the stuff I tried to do to impress her and that she was genuinely interested in who I really am at the core.


21. The first time we spent the night together. Waking up and seeing her and thinking, "I want to do this every day for the rest of my life."


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