'Mommy's Job Is To Poke Dead People' And 22 Other Secrets Kids Told Their Teachers.

'Mommy's Job Is To Poke Dead People' And 22 Other Secrets Kids Told Their Teachers.


Teachers were asked: "What secrets have your kids ratted out about their parents?" These are some of the best answers.

2/23 One time a child told me her parents forbade her from going to the cops for anything because they would arrest the family and send them back home. Apparently they were illegal [immigrants] from South America.


3/23 I had a kid who's parents were morticians. The second day of school the student told me "Mommy's job is to poke dead people to make sure they are actually dead." I mean, good on them for normalizing their career to their kids.

This kid also really loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Beetlejuice. They were five and could quote the movie better than any adult.


4/23 I worked at a preschool but at the time I was in charge of the K-8th grade after school and summer program. During the summer I walked into one of our rooms were a new kid who was between preschool and kindergarten is choking himself with a belt with another student watching him.

Now we were pretty sure both these kids were on the autism spectrum, but it was a Catholic school with no special ed services and neither child's parents had had them tested. So I send the student that was watching to the other room and ask the kid why he was choking himself.

The kid tells me he saw his dad choking himself with a belt while his mom watched but she was naked. I was lost for words and told the kid something along the lines of don't do it again and go play video games. Worst part was that when I told my boss about it she made me be the one to talk to the parents because I was a man and the child in question was a boy. Nothing more uncomfortable then explaining to a super Catholic family that there young son caught them during some autoerotic asphyxiation.


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