Mortified Patients Share The Most Embarrassing That Happened To Them In A Doctor's Office.

Mortified Patients Share The Most Embarrassing That Happened To Them In A Doctor's Office.


My Dad was waiting for me near the front desk of the Dr's office since we were leaving after turning in the cup. I proudly walked up, handed the cup to my Dad and said "Is this enough or should I go back and scoop up some more from the bowl?".

The nurse at the desk looks up and nearly spit her coffee all over my Dad. He set the cup on the desk and said "We are leaving now". I didn't understand what was wrong until that night when my Mom came into explain my mistake.


4. That is a huge mistake. I don't know what to say...

Happened to a co-worker…

He wanted to get a vasectomy…two guys in the office had recommended a doctor they had used. To have some fun, they tell him that during the first consultation, he’ll have to ejaculate into a cup for testing purposes.

Upon his arrival at the doctor’s office he speaks to the front desk nurse. After the paperwork, she hands him a cup, tells him to fill to the line, cap it and leave it on the sink. The cup was the size a tumbler glass and line was way at the top.

This guy goes in, thinking he needs to (you know)…sees no “inspirational” material but figures he can just wing it from memory. After about 10 minutes, nurse knocks on the door, asks if everything is OK.

Embarrassed about his output compared to the goal, he shows her the cup with the meager contribution and asks how the other guys filled to the line.

The nurse bursts out laughing and in between trying to catch her breath, tells him he was supposed to pee in the cup.

After cleaning up, he had to go wait out in the waiting room with a large glass of water. He sat there about 30 minutes before doing a proper test and seeing the doctor. He said it was the longest 30 minutes of his life because within 5 minutes not a single nurse could keep a straight face.


5. These new age doctors, I tell ya!

This happened to a friend's mother:

She was trying out a new OB/GYN. Post-examination, she was given a cup and directed to supply the office with a urine sample. Upon arriving at the bathroom, she saw that it had no door!

Friend's mom just assumed that this new, free-wheeling OB/GYN office didn't have bathroom doors and all the patients did their business in the light.


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