Mortified Patients Share The Most Embarrassing That Happened To Them In A Doctor's Office.

Mortified Patients Share The Most Embarrassing That Happened To Them In A Doctor's Office.


So, nervously, she proceeded to create/collect the sample as people walked by in the hallway outside. I imagine they pretended not to notice or gave her strange looks, but it wasn't until she was leaving the bathroom that she noticed the fully retracted sliding door.


6. Not a bad plot, though. Apparently it happens!

I had a pizza delivery guy walk in on me while I was getting a pelvic exam at the OB/GYN. My feet were up in the stirrups, my doctor's hand was in my vag...yeah, the whole bit. Apparently the nurses had ordered a pizza and directed the guy to bring it to the break room, but he opened the wrong door.

You'd think at an OB/GYN you'd at least knock before entering any closed rooms, right? Yeah, no. He couldn't have seen anything, though, and I'm pretty sure he was more embarrassed than I was. Still sounds like the plot to a bad porno.


7. The doctor would need a strong stomach for this one....

So, I went to the doctor because I was noticing an odor on my undies when I would change. Having a normally healthy vagina area this kind of alarmed me, so I went to the walk in clinic to see what was up.

In retrospect, I should have gone to a gyno, but I actually thought I had some sort of urinary tract infection, not a vaginal problem.

Anyways, I described the symptoms to the doctor, and she decides to do a vaginal exam. Okay, fine.

Well, she sticks the thing up me, and realizes that there is a tampon stuck up me. It takes a bit of moving around, she ends up getting the retained tampon. I don't want to gross you out, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that the entire room smelled when she took that out of me. I was horrified. I was nearly gagging, I can only imagine how she felt.

She put it in the trash, and immediately took the trash out.

It gets worse...


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