Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.

Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.


4. I got this fellas, sit back. I asked a blind date if she had any cute single friends.


5. This was more just me hanging out with a girl I had been dating for a little while. We were talking and she brought up the fact that her biological father was a sperm donor. We had already talked about this before and I didn't really have anything particular to keep that conversation going besides "That really increases your chances of accidental incest, you know."


6. I was at my ex-girlfriend's house and she broke up with me.

I pretty much begged, and while begging, used a phrase that will haunt my manhood and the manhood of every man in existence. I used a phrase that should only be used for the most manly of times.

"Put me back in the game coach!"

I've since grown bigger balls.


7. When I was 16 I was on a date and in an attempt to be funny (because you know, girls like funny guys) I racked my brain trying to come up with a funny story.

The first thing to popup in my mind was a story a friend had once told me, about a jacket he had seen one of his girl friends wearing. The brand was Identity, and the name was displayed centered on the front of the jacket, with the zip splitting the word in half. Iden | tity. Now, to a 16 year old guy's mind, that is hilarious. A girl walking around with the word "tity", basically labelling her tity's?

So I told the story and started laughing! She looks up at me with a completely numb face, and then looks down at her jacket.

This was 2 hours or so into the date. I hadn't noticed that she was wearing the exact jacket I was making fun of.



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