Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.

Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.


14. Visiting Manhattan, watching a Rangers game in a bar by myself. Cute girl comes up and starts chatting with me, mentions that she's Dominican. I don't remember my exact words but I somehow brought up Cholera in the first 30 seconds and that was that.


15. My date was telling me how she had mono a year or two prior, and I replied "Yeah, I thought I had mono for an entire year, turns out I was just really bored" ala Wayne's World. We are engaged now.


16. Not something I said, but was said to me.

I am taking the dude home after a somewhat awkward first date. I wasn't too into him and he was just so obviously nervous. As I am turning into the parking lot where his car is he mentions he wants to tell me something, but it too embarrassed/nervous.

"Um, I should tell you something."


"No, nevermind."

"Just tell me. I hate when people do that. Go ahead."

"Well... I just thought you should know that... I'm uncircumcised."

"Oh... ok."

In my head: WHAT THE HECK. I don't care that your uncircumcised and I'm kind of offended that you feel the need to tell me anything about your penis on our first date. I doubted very much that I would be seeing that penis anytime soon. I was so embarrassed for him!

10 months later... We live together and I see that penis far too often.


17. One time on the first date between me and this girl the topic of underwear came up. We were talking about which we liked, and which we didn't like. Stupid stuff you only talk about to make conversation. At one I responded to her "You mean the panties your mother laid out for you?"

It was a shotty reference at best, and not very funny. She had never even watched Seinfeld. The next couple minutes were a little awkward, trying to pretend I didn't just say something that stupid.


18. Technically the date had finished, and she'd invited me back to her place.

While in her room, we were slow dancing, solid, deep eye contact. I was going in for the kiss, she was deliberately teasing me by pulling away or brushing my lips with hers, had her fingers in my hair, I had my nails running down her back, the sexual tension was like electricity in the air.

She leans forward, kisses my neck and whispers in my ear "Have you ever had to work this hard before?"



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