Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.

Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.


19. I went a date with this guy back in college who was majoring in math. I told him that really stupid joke "Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9."

He didn't laugh.


20. Took a girl out to dinner, had a few drinks, go back and watch a movie at my place. Midway through the movie, boner jam's ensue. After we finish, I reached over to my nightstand for my glasses and missed, ended up hitting one of those buttons from Staples, "THAT WAS EASY!". We've been dating for 6 months now.


21. When I was 17 a girl messaged me on myspace wanting to hang out. I thought she was pretty cute so I agreed to meet her for some games at her place which her family joined in on.

She had on a shirt with really short sleeves revealing a few horizontal, parallel lines just below her shoulder. Wanting to make light conversation and being the "funny" guy that I am, I asked, "Where'd you get those cuts on your arms? Do you cut yourself?"

As soon as I finished cracking that "joke", my sheltered Utah childhood came crashing down around me as I realized that people actually did do that, and I'd just called one out right in front of her family.


22. Early on with my now ex. We're fooling around. She liked to talk dirty. She's really good at it (or maybe I'm just really easy). Anyways, each time she says something I feel the need to respond (it got her going). This has been going for awhile and honestly, I'm running out of ideas fast. Only enough blood to run 1 organ at a time ladies.

Long story short, she goes "I want you inside me." and me fumbling around trying to quickly think of something to push this perfect moment over the edge attempted to say something along the lines "I want to be inside you." (only sexier, ok not really) but instead it came out "I want your c--k.".

I have never wanted to just die and fade from existence anymore in my entire life. She on the other hand pushes me back a bit off her stares into my eyes and laughs uncontrollably for oh I'd say a good 20-30 minutes. That pretty much ended my chances for that night and many to come.


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