Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.

Mortified People Share The Dumbest Thing They've Said On A Date.


23. I went on a blind double date. My roommate and his gf set me up with one of her friends. We went to Dave & Buster's. After dinner we go to play some games. There's this one game that is a giant electric chair. You sit in it and hold on to these brass handles that vibrate intensely, giving you a very odd sensation. The point is to hold on as long as possible to achieve more tickets.

Anyway, the date was going slowly and we didn't interact much at dinner. I hop on this chair and give it a try. It feels crazy and my roommate and I are laughing our butts off. She just stands about 20 feet away acting aloof. When the chair stops I keep trying to get her to come try it. I try to get a laugh out of her by acting like I'm being shocked. She turns around and leaves. Later that night my roommate tells me that her uncle was put to death in the electric chair the previous month. We live in Texas. /facepalm


24. In college, I had just walked a girl back to her dorm after a night out. We were making out in front of said dorm, I was probably about to get laid, and I said "I had a lot of fun tonight, Heather."

Her name was not Heather. I did not get laid.


25. Senior year of high school I got setup on a date with a girl who was around my age. She was clearly into me, because she'd only really dated university guys, but she'd insisted that her friends set us up on a date. So she's flirting, and I'm flirting, and all is going according to plan. We're on our second drink (legal drinking age is 18 here) and I can see where the night is headed. So I go "so you're all single now hey?" And she smiles coyly and says "yes I am" - I swear she was just shy of doing one of those sexy winks. Then she asks me if I'm single. Well of course I'm single, otherwise I wouldn't be on a date. But in my infinite wisdom, I see that as an opening to moan and complain about my ex. Twenty minutes later the date was over and I phoned my friends to go out and drown the sorrows of my own stupidity. I learnt my lesson, though: never. talk. about. ex's.


26. This is something I said and did, but it definitely fits the theme.

So I met a girl, went on a date, everything was pretty standard. I got wayyyy too drunk, but somehow charmed this girl into bed. We were getting down to business when I felt that she had a Nuva ring, which I then proceeded to pull out of her and throw onto my erection while saying "throw the ring, win a prize" like some sort of carnival game guy. Needless to say, she was immediately turned off. We didn't end up completing the deed, she kicked me out, and we never spoke again.



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