'My Dad Is Dr. Pepper' And 23 Other Absurd Lies People Have Told.

'My Dad Is Dr. Pepper' And 23 Other Absurd Lies People Have Told.


People on Reddit were asked: "What is the most absurd lie someone has ever told you?" These are some of the best answers.

1. He was pretty close to getting away with this

The lie my boss told me: it was during my interview for my current job when he began to high jack the entire thing. It became a circle jerk for himself. Eventually he starts talking about how he was in the Marine Corps. and he served as a sniper. "Cool." I thought, "I just got out of the Army." I assumed he knew this. He told a couple stories that sounded suspect, but he was in during the 80's so I figured times just change.

Then he told me the big one. Apparently he took his "sniper missions" directly from Ronald Reagan. When he claimed to be the personal assassin of Reagan I was literally shocked he said a lie that huge. So I asked him a couple questions that stumped him. Dude still thinks I believe him though.


2. Sure, just keep telling yourself that

My now ex-wife told me that the explicit texts between her and the security guard she was sleeping with were just "two lonely married women having a little fun."


3. Why can't you just believe me?

My childhood friend told me (we were about 12) that she was walking through the park to her house and a group of guys hopped on her and crucified her. Like proper Jesus style. No explanation as to why there were no scars... her lie crumbled pretty quickly but she still got mad at me for not believing her and insisted it was true. I know she knew she was lying though.


4. I mean, this sounds pretty plausible

When the WWF (Wrestling) changed it's name to WWE and the World Wildlife Foundation became WWF, somebody told me that the former WWF and the new WWF had a battle between a top wrestler and a Panda for who would win the rights to the acronym. The panda won the battle and therefore World Wildlife Foundation gained rights to the name. I was 10 and believed it for too many years to admit...


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