Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.

Nightmare Stories Of People Who Were Forced To Go Through Gay Conversion Therapy.


No matter how far or fast you run, you can never escape from who you are. These are the stories of people who were forced to try.

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19. My husband went to a camp that was meant to cure LGBT teens.

He says that they would wake the kids up in the morning and each teen would have a one on one session with the leader. He would try to make them avoid their "temptation" during the session. He would show them nude photos of men/women. Some of it was of gay sex.

They would watch group videos on the dangers of being gay and the risk factors associated with it such as contracting HIV, not being able to have children, being kicked out of your house, not having your church accept you. They would have their graduates of the camp come in and talk about avoiding temptation and how you can learn to live the way that god intended.

They also had the teens walk out in the community with signs that said, "I am Gay. Help me avoid temptation." It was part of the process because you apparently need the community's support in order to help you become straight.

My husband didn't complete the program and was kicked out of his house by his parents. Fortunately, he had an aunt that was more than willing to allow him to live with her family.

It worked out well in the end, but as far as my husband knows, the camp is still ongoing. They just opened it to more kids with different issues, but LGBT youth still attend. It is pretty sad honestly. And we DO in fact have children and neither of us spontaneously contracted HIV, so I hope they update that video.


18. One of my close friends told his mom he was gay in early high school. She is very, very conservative and started having him go to a “pray away the gay” counsellor. He never said anything about it being abusive or obscene, but it made him homophobic for about three years before he found a boyfriend. The happy ending is that his parents have gotten past it and they are all pretty happy.


17. I’m a gay "conversion therapy" survivor. No electrodes, just lifelong psychiatric trauma. (continued...)

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